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The Wall Street Journal stated in an article (08/15/02) “Silent Signals” Security Concerns Brings New Focus on Body Language.

Body Language used to be something teenagers paid attention on first dates. But since 9/11, the science of spotting and sorting out nervous but innocent behavior from deceptive and threatening behavior is gaining newfound respect among law-enforcement officials particularly as a way to prevent terrorism.

Effective Training Has Never Been More Vitally Important Since 9/11!

“Behavior Analysis Profiling Training is not a new phenomenon to Rovertech International Inc. Its founder, (R) US Customs Supervisory Inspector Prospero M. Ellis and now President & Ceo, has been teaching Observational Techniques and Behavior Analysis for 23 years.”

In 1981, while at US Customs, Miami International Airport, Prospero M. Ellis conceived, developed, implemented and taught courses on Observational Techniques and Behavior Analysis, which streamlines passenger inspection flow by identifying with increased speed and accuracy that minute percentage of individuals who may require closer scrutiny, detection and apprehension. This system is currently used by the new Homeland Security, Transportation Security, Department of Customs and Border Protection to assess and evaluate passenger’s behavior during the Customs examination process and by Airport Security personnel to determine the appropriate action to be taken.

Transportation Security – Field Tested Techniques

The “arts” of smuggling, shoplifting, commercial fraud and other criminal activities including terrorism are constantly evolving, and picking out the violators from among the tens of thousands of honest people who you routinely come in contact with in the performance of your official duties can be like watching cars stream by at rush hour while trying to figure out which drivers have valid licenses.

Prospero M. Ellis can teach your staff how to acquire the necessary kind of “X -ray vision” needed to identify violators hidden among innocent travelers. It is designed to engage the officer in the Passenger Screening, Passenger Security Process, and it is specific to the security of all modes of transportation: Airport Security, Airline Security, Aviation Security, Port Security, Seaport Security, Cruise Ship Security, Rail Security, and it is specific for Terminal, Station and Port settings. To the uninitiated it might seem magic, but it’s just a matter of knowing what to look for and to spot it!Applied “Common Sense and Empathy” is what Prospero Ellis terms it, and he’s proven time and time again that it’s teachable, it’s learnable and most important it works!

Success Breeds Success

Would your quarterbacking skills improve under the tutelage of Joe Montana? Could you learn anything about winning basketball games from Michael Jordan? Would some quality time in the batting cage with Ken Griffey Jr. make you a better power hitter?

Then, who better to train your people on how to more accurately and effectively spot, detect and interdict someone who is trying to “break your rules” than Prospero M. Ellis, the ace US Customs Supervisory Inspector who personally Intercepted more than 2,000 would be drug smugglers, intercepting millions of dollars worth of narcotics in the process.

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